Installing Reptile is very simple and should all Operating Systems (Windows, UNIX, etc.).


  • JDK 1.2.2 or greater (hopefully GCC 3.0 will be tested soon)
  • A modern computer (PII or higher) which has an internet connection (even a temporary internet connection should suffice).
  • Installation

    1. Move reptile into a location somewhere on your disk. For user installations this should probably be somewhere under /home/USERNAME/reptile. For system installation this should probably be under /usr/local/reptile. On Windows machines this does not matter.
    2. Reptile can be started by running the REPTILE_HOME/reptile-startup.sh script and shutdown with REPTILE_HOME/reptile-shutdown.sh script. (for windows machines use the corresponding .bat file)
    3. You should then connect with a web browser (Konqueror, Mozilla, IE) to:


    4. After this you should allow Reptile to remain connected to the network for at least 10 minutes. When it first starts up Reptile needs to pull in external resources. After this it is able to use cached data when offline.

    Building from source

    1. You will need a copy of Ant in order to build from source. Builds can be obtained from http://jakarta.apache.org/ant
    2. Change to the REPTILE_HOME directory and run:
                          %shell% java org.apache.tools.ant.Main dist

    This will build reptile into REPTILE_HOME/bin/distribution. All that is needed to run it is to launch reptile-startup.sh